To become an Internationally Recognized Muhammadiyah University based on the Islamic Values.


  1. To conduct quality academic programs those are relevant to the sustainable development in the Islamic campus atmosphere.
  2. To conduct the integrated multidisciplinary-oriented research to reach Islamic society
  3. To give expertise service that is oriented to empowering and collaborating the potency of the government, the industry, the local and the global society.


The aim of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) is the elaboration of the aim of national education and higher education, based on Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah

The Aim of National Education

The national education functions to develop the capability, character, and civilization of the nation for enhancing its intellectual capacity, and is aimed at developing learners’ potentials so that they become persons imbued with human values who are faithful and pious to one and only God; who possess morals and noble character; who are healthy, knowledgeable, competent, creative, independent; and as citizens are democratic and responsible.

The Aims of Higher Education

  1. To prepare the learners to be the members of society who have academic and or professional capability to implement and or create science, technology and or arts.
  2. To develop and spread science and technology and or arts, then promote their functions to increase the society life level and enrich the national culture.

The Aims of Education at UAD

  1. To educate the learners to be muslim scholars who are faithful and pious, have good character, academic capability, professionality, and strive to realize the truly Islamic society
  2. To create the learners to be the leaders with Muhammadiyah characters
  3. To develop and spread science, technology, and arts in order to develop Islam and increase the human welfare.
  4. The university aims are specifically determined through the development of similar science groups based on Islamic teaching and Pancasila

The University Grand Scientific Design

Integrity of Science-Technology-Arts, dynamic service anticipation, leadership, and scientific development based on Islam


Moral and Intellectual Integrity