Waving Ceremony of UAD Student Exchange Participants to Malaysia

University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) annually sends its students abroad in a student exchange program. This year UAD as said by Deputy Rector III Abdul Fadlil, M.T., sends seven students

They will study at two universities in Malaysia for one semester (September 20161- January 2017)

Those students are Ikhda Rahmatina, Emafa Agri Sativa, Muhammad Auzai, and Abdu Rabbi of Arabic Letters department will study at University of Malaya while Anggi Nur Rachmasari, Rana Dani Respati, and Indah Puspitawati of Faculty of Letters, Culture and Communicationwill study at Mara University of Technology Malaysia.

The ceremony, which took place on Saturday (13/8/2016) was attended by top executives of UAD such as deans, head of International Cooperation Office (KUI) Ida Puspita, and lecturers.

Ida said, ‘This program is an effort to make an international exposure to UAD students. This makes it possible for the students to open perspectives of ASEAN Economic Community.’

So far, UAD is well known as Indonesian private university for its membership at ASEAN AIMS (Mobility students). The members of the organization are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Filipina, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Japan, and South Korea. (AKN)