Winning 17 Medals, Tapak Suci Team of UAD Managed to be the General Champion

Tapak Suci Team of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta came out as the general champion at the International Tapak Suci Championship at Airlangga University (Unair) Surabaya (12-16/9/2018). UAD was appointed as the general champion after collecting 6 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals. The general championship trophy was handed over to the Rector of UAD, Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum., on Thursday (09/20/2018).

Dadang Arif Dwi Saputro, the Chairman of Tapak Suci of UAD explained that at this championship, UAD brought 22 athletes and 4 trainers. The gold medals were won by Herdiyana Asmoroningtyas (Indonesian Literature), M. Arfian Hariz (Hadith Interpretation), Dadang Dwi S. (Civic Education), Lu'atul Nadlifah (Hadith Interpretation), Javid Novean Noorcha (Industrial Engineering), as well as Alfin Mubarroq and Irfan Syarhul R. (Hadith interpretation).

Meanwhile, the silver medals were won by Illyina Aulia A. (Psychology), Tito Kurniawan (Law Studies), Nur Ratnawati (Electrical Engineering), Pratiwi (PPKn), and Habib Baharudin (Information Systems). Bronze medals were won by Zulfikar Faishal Akbari (Law Studies), Dhia Asa Imtinan (Information Systems), Nizar Robbani (Information Systems), Hindryati Muhammat, Risma Dara, (Psychology), Nofal Bowo P (Indonesian Language Education), and Ahmad Rizki S. and L.R.Z. Uday (Hadith Interpretation).

"To participate in this championship, UAD Tapak Suci Team conducts the preparation for approximately three months. Routine practice is carried out in the morning, evening and night. We only rested for two days for recovery," explained Dadang Arif Dwi Saputra after handing over the general championship trophy in UAD campus 1 at Jln. Kapas 9, Semaki, Yogyakarta.

Tapak Suci UAD has often become the general champion on regional and national levels. The championship that was held in Unair in 2018 was attended by participants from 34 provinces and leaders of regional Tapak Suci, as well as participants from Timor Leste, so the championship was categorized as an international championship.

For this achievement, Kasiyarno expressed his appreciation on the achievements of the students, especially for Tapak Suci athletes who succeeded in becoming the general champion. Struggle, tenacity and sacrifice are needed to win 6 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

"We see that the efforts made by UAD Tapak Suci Team are serious, so the results are good. Last year, they managed to become the general champion, and now they become the overall champion again again. Alhamdulillah, the Team of Tapak Suci UAD can make the tradition to be the general champion," explained Kasiyarno. (ard)