Working Hard and Being No Treachery

Realizing that her parents is not proud of academic accomplishment only, Iffah Mayasari joined in martial arts her hobby. The student of English Education at University of Ahmad Dahlan (PBI-UAD) is determined to intense her hobby.

As a result, the keen girl of Lugiman and Umi Masitah got her triumph. She is a champion of various sefl-defense inter-university national competitions IV, V, and VI; in a double class together with Zulfa. The events were held at University of  Hasanuddin (UNHAS) where she got the first position of double woman team (2012); at National Development University (UPN) ‘Veteran’ ygoyakarta, where she grabed the second position for double woman team (2013); and at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) she also got the second position for the same category (2014)

Her performance does not end at university level only. She also was selected as a regional athlete for self-defense in Yogyakarta Special Province. To do this, she had to move her status from Lampung resident to Yogyakarta resident.

She exercises much in order that she can master more skills and physical strength as well as harmonize her chemistry with her partner.

‘That’s my routine. I jog in the morning, exercise at campus in evening and at night do another exercise in Sleman. I consume nutricious food, prevent from drinking ice juice, spicy food, and fast food,’ she said with a little laughter as she was met in her routines, Thursday (17/3/2016)

Recently she joined in the selection of Pre-National Sports Event member of Yogyakarta Special Province (Pra-PON DIY). But she had to quit due to her thesis accomplishment. She also resigned from Pelatda DIY.

‘Frankly speaking, writing thesis is not a problem, but I have to fully concentrate to a certain thing to get the best,’ said her, whose GPA is very satisfying.

Born in Lampung on November 28th 1993, she is determined to become a coach. She intends to follow a higher study before returning to her home country.

‘I have to refrain, be ready to face the facts, fight against lazybones. I believe in working hard and being no treachery,’ said the graduate in last Saturday graduation (19/3/2019).