Writing in the Middle of Busy Schedule

"One may be as clever as he can be, but as long as he does not write, he will disappear in the society and from the history," said Pramoedia Ananta Toer.

Some people want to be a writer, but most fail to manage him/ herself well. Hadi Suyono is one of the authors of non-fiction books who are able to write while working full time as a lecturer.

The psychology lecturer who is working at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) has several ways to manage his time in developing and utilizing his hobby. He claims to feel anxious if he has not produced any work. The first way he does is to formulating the draft. If we have created a skeleton, then it will be easy to continue the writing without getting out of context. Someone who does not complete his/ her writing job within the time, is likely to forget the things he/ she is about to write down. Thus, the framework of the writing is necessary to avoid the issue.

In addition, Hadi, who is also a father of two children, is always trying to keep the rhythm. The point is to keep the mood in writing. Thus, a person will be able to pour something that is in his mind well, without being influenced by external factors.

Hadi never thinks of writing as a burden. He regards his work as a passion. By assuming the job as passion, then we will be comfortable and happy in doing so. Of course, we will gain something financially after we enjoy doing our work.

The key of writing is a lot of reading. Someone will be able to write well after he/ she reads. By reading, one gets the knowledge and insight to be poured into a writing.

In the middle of his busy schedule, surely someone must have a leisure time. Hadi uses that time to write. Before becoming a lecturer, he used to have a specific time to write, for example before performing the dawn prayer service. (doc)