Yeah… Being Late, New Students To Take Selfie with The Committee

There was something different during the last 2016 campus-introductory program for the new students (P2K) at University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) i.e. those, who broke the rule were punished especially those who came late. The form of punishment was to take selfie with the committee and to read Pancasila or the five principles.

According to the UAD’s spokesperson, last Tuesday (08/30/2016) there were two students found to be late and were punished. They argued that they overslept. In relation to the fact one of the central committee Afrizal explained the punishment was meant to make them watchful as well as to be educative without violence. This is one way of educating them to be on time in all occasions. This is also meant for their character building for their nationalism and their future.

‘Taking selfie with the members of committee is meant to build personal interrelation to avoid awkwardness. So far the new students feel awkward to the environment so that the punishment was given to them.’ said  Afrizal as a member of committee.

Furthermore Afrizal said, ‘Being awkward to the new environment is clearly seen at the beginning of the program. They need be treated specially, one of them is given a chance to take selfie with the committee members and given a change to read Pancasila if they break the rules. (Esti)