Collaboration and best practice sharing with various universities in the world are important parts to support Universitas Ahmad Dahlan to be a world class university that aims to play important roles and contribute for human civilization.

Some international cooperation established by UAD are in forms of double degree, student exchange, lecturer exchange, research collaboration, academic publication material exchange, joint training and international seminar.

Till the early of 2016, UAD has massive international cooperation with countries which have good tradition in science and technology development such as The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

The international also believes that UAD can play an important role in the science and technology development for the better future of human being. It is proven by the increase of international students who study at UAD. UAD has hundreds international students coming from The Netherlands, England, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Uzbekistan, Egypt, India, Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Timor Leste.