300-Doctor Program of UAD

In less than five years, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta targets at least half of the total of 600 lecturers to hold a doctoral degree. Vice Rector I of UAD, Dr. Muchlas, M.T., said that the effort to target 300 lecturers to have a doctoral degree was in order to fulfill the standards for the university A accreditation.

In addition, the target of 300 lecturers with doctoral degree is the responsibility of UAD in improving the academic and graduate quality of the university. He revealed that to have the A accreditation, all UAD lecturers must possess a master’s degree and a half of the total lecturers must have gone through a doctoral program.

"The requirement for A accreditation is 50 percent of lecturers must hold a doctoral degree. Currently, the total number of lecturers in UAD is 600, meaning that 300 of them must possess a doctoral degree," he said, Wednesday (05/16/2010).

Muchlas explained that from a total of 600 lecturers, 120 of them already had a doctoral degree, and 100 lecturers pursuing their doctoral degree. So it is expected that, in the near future, the number of lecturers with doctoral degree will reach 220 people.

"The total number of 220 lecturers has not reached the 50 percent standard. It requires 100 more lecturers to hold a doctoral degree. This year, at least, we will send 100 lecturers to attend doctoral programs," he said.

Doctoral scholarship schemes can be external or internal. The external ones include domestic (government and non-government) or overseas scholarship offers. If those are not enough, UAD will prepare internal scholarships.

According to him, by sending the 100 lecturers to get a doctoral degree, in five and a half years from now, at least more than a half of UAD's lecturers would have doctoral degrees.

"We hope the needs of 100 additional doctor lecturers will be fulfilled, in accordance to requirements for UAD to get an accreditation of A. Thus, if it is presented in percentage, 60 percent lecturers will be graduated as domestic students and 40 percent will be from overseas." (Doc / ard)