36th Year Anniversary of Indonesian Language Education (PBSI) of UAD


Green Hall Campus 2 of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) on Jln. Pramuka was full of students wearing brown shirts on Sunday (10/12/2017). Hundreds of students danced together in front of the Head, the Secretary, the lecturers and employees of Language and Indonesian Literature (PBSI) study program. The students gave a surprise flash mob for the lecturers and staffs at 36th Family Gathering Anniversary of PBSI, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), UAD.

With a theme of "United and Harmonized in Synergizing Indonesian Language and Literature", the anniversary event was divided into two parts, Family Gathering and Prom Night. The family Gathering was held from the morning until noon and was filled with gymnastics events, various contests between classes, entertainment from students and lecturers, as well musical stage performances as the peak of the event by Man Groove and Hitam Manis bands.

Opened by the Head of PBSI, Dra. Triwati Rahayu, M.Hum., the event was well-received. Triwati in her speech congratulated PBSI study program for its 36th year anniversary.

"At the age of 36 years, we must maintain the accreditation of A obtained by the study program and continue to improve its quality," she said.

Triwati also summoned  the representatives from the Three Pillars (HMPS, Kreskit, and JAB) to go onto the stage and mention the vision of PBSI study program. She hopes all students can help achieve the vision by doing activities which are oriented to the purpose of the study program. (dev)