8 Post Graduate Students of UAD To Finish Their Thesis in The Philippines

Wednesday (09/23/2016), 8 post graduate students of English Education Department (PBI) University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) set off to finish their theses at University of Saint Anthony (USANT) in the Philippines.

 The head of the department Dr. R.A. Noer Doddy Irmawati, M.Hum said the participants have met the requirement to pass TOEFL test score of 500 with the minimum GPA of 3.7. ‘In future we will support the students to reach the GPA of 4.00 or the maximum.’ said Doddy in her speech.

The students will spend one semester to finish their researches from September to January. They will stay there at USANT. They are under supervision of USANT and UAD lecturers. The thesis examination is held at USANT with UAD and USANT examiners.

‘Seriousness is necessary in completing their theses within a short time. Set a deadline while writing them. Write at least one page a day accompanied by prayers.’ suggested Vice Rector IV, Prof. Dr. Sarbiran, Ph.D. in his speech. He added, ‘Your success is UAD’S and Interuniversity Office’s, and the state’s success.

The cooperation has so far run for four years since 2013. Alhamdulillah Pray be to God Allah, all graduates from this program got their work less than a month after graduation.’ Doddy explained.

The ceremony was held at the main hall of UAD campus I attended by Prof. Dr. Achmad Mursyidi, M.Sc. Apt. (Director of Post Graduate Program), Ida Puspita, M.A.Res. (Head of International Office) and all lecturers at Post Graduate Program. The set off ceremony was prepared by Suryono Hadi (Head of Administrative Office). The 8 students are Eny Dwi Marcela, Zahara Ramadani, Ade Irma, Hasrul Sani, Noviyanti Hakim, Irfan Nur Aji, Irfan Nur Aji, M SyahrulZaky R, and Ita Purnama.

            Ida Puspita, M.A. Res. said, ‘UAD is the first international partner for USANT so that USANT is seriously maintain the cooperation with UAD. Other cooperation activities include joint-seminar, visiting professor program, guest lecturer program, joint-workshop, joint-publication, etc. This Joint-Thesis Supervision program is annually done to improve students’ interest in the program, which is beneficial for them,’ Ida ended her speech.