A Successful Bazar in Godean Held by Community Service Program UAD’s KKN PPM

The students of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) successfully held Bazar in Godean in the format of KKN PPM from August 22-28 2016. The products displayed were the results of their training to the people from Kremen, Geniten, and Jetis 7 of Sidoagung village, Godean District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special province. The training was supervised by Nina Salamah and Sunarti the lecturers at the university with the theme, ‘Initiation of Pre Marriage Program for Teenagers at Sidoagung Village, Godean.

The teenagers at the village were introduced to screen printing, making snack made of sticky rice, making handicraft such as making wallets, hair ribbon, and bracelets. All the products were displayed and sold in the bazar.

According to Nina Salamah, the program was carried out due to the fact that many youngsters tend to get married young with no preparation mentally and financially. This leads to domestic violence and divorce. This happened to Yuni, a trainee one of the teenagers in Sidoagung.

Yuni said, ‘We are grateful for the training held by the students through KKN PPM UAD. She hopes besides spending her leisure time she could prepare it for business in future.’

Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T., Vice Rector III UAD supervised the program. He was pleased to see the students help the people.

He said, ‘In future, there should be more lecturers and students doing the training related to society empowerment. Besides advantageous, it can be a means of Muhammadiyah’s proselytizing as a good deed. (Dok)