Again, A Great Islamic Proselytizer Was Managed by LPSI UAD


Ustadz Bachtiar Natsir, Lc. a national figure came to deliver a speech on Great Islamic Proselytizer held by University of Ahmad dahlan (UAD) at Grand Mosque Islamic Center Complex on South Ring Road, Banguntpan Bantul, on Monday (24/4/2016). The second speech was given by Ustadz Okrizal Eka Putra a UAD lecturer at Psychology Department.

More than 1000 hundred people of students and public around the area attended the speeches with the theme Baitiy Jannatiy or Home Sweet Home.            

The theme Baitiy Jannatiy was presented to discuss a section of Ustadz Bachtiar Natsir’s book entitled Masuk Syurga Sekeluarga or Becoming Heaven’s Resident with All Family, which was first published last March.

In the event the people were encouraged to give alms. The fund was intended to support orphans for the coming Ramadhan or the fasting month.

‘This is a part of our program,’ said Thonthowi, S.Ag., M.Hum. the chairman of Islamic Study Development Board (LPSI) UAD. He added that Islamic Center Complex is founded to be center of Islamic activities in Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY) and around.

‘We are inviting national figures for the next three months and international figures for next five months. This done to find new Islamic perceptions,’ he said. (AKN)