Ali Nur Yasin (Tempo Editor): Some Issues To Avoid in Writing Opinions and Columns

‘There are at least three things to avoid by opinion and column writers,’ Ali Nur Yasin from Tempo daily said as presenting a material for a workshop in writing on mass media for lecturers of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) at Auditorium Campus I last Thursday (31/03/2016)

‘First, don’t patronizing though you are experts. Second, avoid the expression leading to subjectivity such as It must be., It should be, etc. Third, don’t be arrogant in the writing for readers may know more about the issue. And Appreciate different ideas,’ he added.

Furthermore, chief bureau of Tempo for Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY) emphasized the use of good language. He said, ‘Writing opinions and columns on papers should use formal and standard language, not colloquial language or slang. Accuracy in mentioning the source of materials, date of events, spelling of name, place, rank, and affiliation, etc. Avoid the use of jargons and technical terms, which may bring confusion among certain people. Use descriptions, anecdotes, metaphors to represent creatively to secure sensitive things. Try avoiding the use of foreign or local language.

He also said, ’Use an active voice for the ease of reading. Employ a communicative language, which is able to relate your ideas to the readers. Be effective not wordy. Avoid unnecessary words, which result from an ineffective speech.’

Furthermore, Ali suggests that as a writer one should be familiar with every media for each media has its own different characteristics. In Tempo magazine as well as on Tempo paper a column consists of 5000 characters. A good writer must not make the article rambling, he writes directy to the issue, not involving unnecessary thing.