Bisma Students are in the Top 10 of the National Business Plan Competition

A total of three students of D-IV Food Service Business (Bisma) Study Program of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) successfully passed UNIVATION of Padjadjaran 2018. The event was a national-level business plan competition organized by Universitas Padjajaran as a manifestation of Bringing out Food Fermentation into a Nowadays Culinary. As the name implies, this event is a business plan that directly synergizes food and business. New food product innovations or modification of existing products, especially fermented products with a touch of current trends, are the highlight of the event. The reason for the selection of the topic is for the products to be able to compete in the world of culinary business.

The event series of UNIVATION of Padjadjaran 2018 lasted two days, from November 30th to December 1st, 2018. In the first day, a seminar and competition for food product business planning proposals were held. Meanwhile, on the second day, a Food Expo was held.

In this competition, Bisma students presented fermented sorghum that was turned into a tape which was then processed into silky pudding. The students learned about how to plan, make, develop, and market the products they created. At the Food Expo, Bisma students presented three variants of silky pudding, namely chocolate, mango and taro. The most popular pudding for visitors was the mango flavored one. In the activity, students also planned and practiced directly how to decorate the booths provided by the committee.