Book Fair for Students’ Creativity

"The book fair was held to show the talent of PBSI students," said Lykha Novitasari. The Chairman of the Committee informed that the purpose of the fair was used as an activity to unify the PBSI students, provide entertainment, and enhance the creativity of the students.

During the five-days, 5-10 December 2016, the Hall of campus II UAD was fulfilled by PBSI students who visited the Book Fair. The entertainment and Book Fair were organized in order to welcome the new members of the Indonesian Language and Literature Student Association (HMPS PBSI) 2016.  The theme of this Fair is "reading books and working Increase Students' Creativity".

As in previous years, HMPS PBSI invited all students of PBSI to participate in the Fair. Each class had a chance to perform a show on stage. Students could sing, play a monologue, read poetry, and read short stories.

Particularly, the book fair was held to perform famous publisher such as Diva Press, some inspiration books from other publishers, and private collections of books from Lecturers of PBSI. (dev)