Dialogue: Bring Students’ Discussion Habit Back


On Thursday March 7th 2016, Students’ Executive Board, Faculty of Economics, University of Ahmad Dahlan (BEM FE UAD) with its department of sciences held a student dialogue (Intelectual Student Dialogue).

The event was held in cooperation with all Students’ Organization at Faculty of Economics such as Faculty Student Representative Council (DPMF), Faculty Student Executive Board (BEMF), Students’ Association of Management and Development Economics departments. Also supported the dialogue was Association of Muhammadiyah Students of Faculty of Economics.

As many as 50 students took part in the event, which was held at Green Hall Campus 1 UAD on Kapas street, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta, starting from 15.45 to 17.40 local time. The dialogue is scheduled to be a monthly program presenting different experts.

Marzuki, the governor of BEM FE said in his opening speech, ’This dialogue is planned to be conducted every month with up to date topics. It is expected that through this dialogue we can feel more sensitive towards the situation especially the government policy. By the dialogue students can get well informed on current issues around them.’

The last dialogue presented ‘Indonesia: The Impact of Foreign Debt and Foreign Investment and The students’ Stance.’ With three presenters the students attentively followed the discussion. The three presenters were Vier Agi Laventa (Activist of Street Children), Widianto Akbar (International Politic Observer), and Nasruri Aji Pratomo (Student Activist) with the moderator Ahmad Tahir Tamanik.

The topics in the dialogue were ‘The Portrait of Indonesia’s Foreign Debt and Foreign Investment, The Increase of Indonesia’s Foreign Debt and Foreign Investment Vied as International Relationship, and ‘Islam Perspective on Foreign Debt and Investment.’ (AKN)