Dr. Rika Astari, S.S., M.A.: Empowering Students’ Moral and Soft Skills

Born on Januari 6th 1980, Dr. Rika Astari, S.S.,M.A. is one of doctors at Faculty of Islamic Studies. Her degree was obtained from the department of Religion and Inter-culture, the Middle East Studies, Gadjah Mada Univefrsity (UGM) after 5 years of study.. She defended her dissertation entitled ‘English Loan Words in Arabic in Science and technology.

Her degree supports the last accreditation for in 2010-2011 the Department of Arabic Letters at University of Ahmad Dahlan lacked of human resources in its rank and academic tittles. The above condition urged her to finish her study as soon as possible so that her degree supported the accreditation besides improving her knowledge.

            ‘Yeah, the last 2010-2011 accreditation, which motivated me to finish my study as soon as possible,’ Rika said.

The doctor, who is also Vice Dean at Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI-UAD) expects much on the development of education at UAD, especially at FAI. One of the development is the empowerment of UAD students to be smart at academic matters as well as at moral and soft skills. She also hopes that her knowledge she get will be of some valuable things for her students. Besides, this will motivate her to be a productive researcher. She hopes she can produce scientific works in Arabic at national as well as international levels.

            Rika now teaches Arabic linguistics at Center of Arabic Letters. She concerns in researching Arabic linguistics, which supports the translation of the Holy Qur’an.