East Java PWM IT Team Visited UAD

Three people who are included in the team of Information Technology (IT) of Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership (PWM) secretariat of East Java, visited the Bureau of Information and Communication System (Biskom) of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD). Their arrival was very well received by Biskom and the Library and Information Council (MPI).

"They share their knowledge on the Presence System based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Tanwir Aisyiyah on 19-21 January 2018 in Surabaya," said the Head of Biskom, Tawar A.G., S.Si., M.Kom. when visited in his office on Tuesday (9/1/2018).

"In addition to sharing their knowledge, they will also use the tools and software that we use," continued Tawar, who is also a lecturer of Information System Study Program of UAD.

Faris as a staff of East Java PWM said that with the help of UAD, they feel facilitated. It is because IT presence system will be easier to be implemented in an event. Manual presence system is very difficult to be implemented in big events.

He claimed to get guidance from the Central Leadership (PP) Muhammadiyah to study and ask for help to Biskom UAD.

"Alhamdulillah, UAD is very open to share their knowledge. We learn a lot of things here. We can implement the tools as used by Biskom, transfer knoelwdge on the use of RFID-based presence system at the upcoming Muhammadiyah Regional Discussion (Muswil) meeting, "he said.

Previously, Biskom UAD was successful in becoming the IT team at Muhammadiyah Congress in Makassar (2015) and Tanwir in Ambon (2017).