Education and Fast Social Change towards Advanced Society

Nowadays, Indonesian education is challenged to prepare infrastructure or tools to access knowledge widely so that teachers are able to utilize them as media to improve their profession in order to counterbalance the rapid development of students.

"We cannot resist technology that is growing rapidly and forcing us to move forward," said Prof. Dr. H. Suyatno, M.Pd. in a National Working Meeting or a National Workshop of Primary and Secondary Education Assembly.

Rapid transformation of technology need to be responded for gaining development. We must not ignore the role of global that was growing fast, but we should learn and control it. World of education remained transforming and we should be up to date.

“In this global era, students should be able to think critically and innovatively in answering all questions with their own ways,” he said.

The event with a theme of” Education and Fast, and Advanced Transformation of Society” was managed at Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel (PPPPTK) of Mathematics on Thursday (12/5/2016).

In this event, Vice Rector of Resource Management (WR II), Drs. Safar Nasir, M.Si.said that the theme was relevant with the current era.

“Education of Indonesia particularly Muhammadiyah should go further through the boundary. Therefore, Muhammadiyah should concern with the transformation of the society,” he said, being a moderator in this event.