Focusing To Study for The Best Achievement


Learning sources is available everywhere, including in the online media. Students as intellectual elite strive for information for they are always assigned to finish abundant home assignments. Therefore, discussion and reading reference as well as virtual books are their routine activities. These things are what Ade Lisa Istifarida one of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) students with high achievement in March 2016 graduation does.

‘Learning and learning for being pious,’ Ade said when asked in campus I on March 18th 2016.

According to the 20 year old girl from Sleman, the high level of GPA is determined by good motivation and seriousness in learning besides great efforts and prayers.

Being different from other UAD students with good achievement, she prefers focusing academics matters to extra university activities to get the best result.

Though she was not actively involved in the organizations, the daughter of Sulistyo and Sri Romani was busy making friends from different campuses in Yogyakarta. She was involved in discussions on various matters such as management, politics, economics, social sciences etc.

Every day she commutes from Cangkringan to her campus a relatively long distance.

‘I must leave home early. It takes me 45 minutes during normal traffic and 1 or 1.5 hours in heavy traffic.

Besides studying and making friends, this Rapih Primardhani’s sister keenly conducts dhuha and tahajjud or before and after dawn prayers. Her parents always reminds her to always remember Allah.

This Management student enjoys competitive atmosphere among UAD students.  This motivates her to study harder. Nevertheless, she needs more experience for she got more theories given by her lecturers.

She hopes all she learned from UAD as theories can be the basis for implementation in her real life.