Getting Closer to Nature, the Remain of Ancient Volcano

Togetherness, patience, empathy, and care are expressed among 35 students of Ahmad Dahlan University UAD joining the program of Tadabur Alam (Getting Closer to Nature) held by the Council of Art, Culture, and Sport, Muhammadiyah College Student Association of Faculty of Islamic Teacher Training and Education (IMM TDI) UAD,

Male members of IMM (IMMawan) and female members of IMM (IMMawati) climbed hand in hand to the top of a mountain located at Nglanggeran, Gunungkidul,Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY).  All participants, the representative of each study program board of IMM UAD climbed up on Saturday (9/4/2016) at 19.30, and climbed down on Sunday (10/4/2016) at 09.30 local time.

Tadabur Alam was the last activity in a series of Gelora IMM TDI activities that had lasted for six months. This activity was aimed to get physical refreshment and to tighten the relationship among the members of IMM members at UAD so that they could refresh their mind and get socially closer one to another.

As long as 12 hours on the top of the mountain, all participants could see the beautiful and exotic panorama. During bonfire activity, participants shared their opinion about the program.

‘It is an unforgotten adventure. Here, I learn how moslems maintain their brotherhood. Awareness, empathy, and responsibility are lessons I can get from here” said Irma Sari, a participant from Faculty of Psychology UAD.

Beside bonfire, before climbing down the mountain, all participants took part in environmental preservation by picking up debris around the campsite as a result of the activities and all the way down the mountain.

Siska Ananda, a Communication Study Program student said ‘There are many lessons I can get from this event, i.e. the importance of togetherness. Here, I enjoy the marvelous and beautiful panorama Allah has provided to us’. (AKN)