660 Scholarships from UAD

Tuesday (3/5/2016), there queued in front of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) rectorate office a number of 660 students to draw cash money of UAD’s scholarship.

‘A number of 660 students are awarded scholarship this year an increase of the last year 650 scholarships. Every student gets an amount of Rp. 840.000,00,’ said Darwis a staff member of Bureau for Students Affairs and Alumni (BIMAWA) at his office.

‘They are 15% of first year students from all departments of UAD selected through different phases. One of the requirements to get the scholarship is high GPA and high score of national examination besides the consideration of their parents’ low wages,’ he explained.

 Darwis also said that the already getting scholarship cannot receive other grants either from UAD or from other institution cooperating with UAD. This is done to give equal chances for all students.

‘A student can get another scholarship the following year either from UAD or from local government (Pemda),’ he said.

The drawing of money lasted from 08.00 to 12.00 local time.

‘The drawing of money was fast and conducive. Should everyone follow the procedure, everything runs well. We are not tired in serving the students,’ said Imong a security officer at Campus I as he was watching the queue and calling the turn.