Stadium Generale at Indonesian Letters UAD Invited A German Writer

Thursday (3/10/2016), Indonesian Letters Department received a visit of German writer to give a speech in its stadium generale with the theme ‘Indonesian Literature in the perspective of a German.’

‘The visit of Prof. Berthold Damshäuser was a momentum for Indonesian Literature.’ Wiska, who was a committee member of the event, said at Auditorium Campus II University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD).

‘The event was expected to give more perspectives and information for the advance of Indonesian literature especially for Indonesian Letters Department of UAD.’ he added.

Prof. Berthold Damshäuser, who has been teaching at Bonn University since 1986, is an Indonesianist. Before coming to Indonesia he published a book entitled “Ini dan Itu Indonesia Pandangan Seorang Jerman or Indonesian Things in the Perspective of a German.”

Furthermore, Prof. Berthold Damshäuser explained his perspectives on Indonesian past and present literature. His appreciation on Indonesian literature is strengthened by being an editor together with Wolfgan Kubin in a journal reporting modern Indonesian culture and literature.

Prof. Trump, his nick name, suggested that the participants should be wise in appreciating literary works so that they are not trapped in the ideology of the book. The event was also attended by an Indonesian short story writer Joni Ariadinata.