Learning Social Values of Literary Works

‘Social values can be found in literary works. Many regional or tribal social values can be found in their literary works.’ said Dedek Gunawan, a student of Indonesian Letters Department as he was interviewed at Campus II University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta last Monday (04/10/2016) after attending a Stadium General, presenting Prof. Berthold Damshauser (University of Bonn, Germany).

‘People can learn social values and the background of an individual in literary works. as an example, touching one’s head is a taboo in my Achehnese  society.’ said him.

The stadium general with the theme ‘Indonesian Literature in A German’s View’ was held by the Indonesian Letters Department. Dedek, who was the short story reader, believed that there were many social values in every literary works. Furthermore, he hoped that literature writers could catch social and culture values and express them in their works in the forms of short stories, novels, or poems.

‘This event can add the materials for literary lectures and is very beneficial for the students in appreciating literary works’ Dedek added.

‘Through short story reading of an anthology entitled ‘Ini dan itu Indonesia Pandangan Seorang Jerman or Indonesian Things in A German’s View’ written by Prof. Berthold Damshäuser, Dedek realized the social values in it. The event could open the participants’ perspectives and could add new materials for their study.