UAD Build A Public Gas Station (SPBU) To Support Educational Cost.

‘This public gas station is built to support the cost for running the university, said the rector of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) at the official opening ceremony of the station belonging to the university, on Monday (09/26/2016).

The station, which lies on Jalan Wates 13th  Kilometer, also is one of the realization of the ministry of research and higher education’s appeal, which says that higher educational institutions should not only depend on the students’ fee (SPP) in running the institutions. That is why the institutions are allowed to found business entities as a source of money income.

‘The students’ tuition fee should contribute 35% of the total budget of the educational institutions. The rest or 65% should be obtained from other sources. With that reason we run and own business entities.’ said Kasiyarno the rector of UAD.

Before the settlement of public gas station, UAD has got other business entities such as businesses in health measuring instrument and calibration, banking BPR Syariah, and hospital Holistika Medika.

‘Lest put more burden on the students, we develop business entities. There may be more stations to be built by UAD.’ Kasiyarno added. The university so far has held at hand the permit even for more business. Now we consider founding an installation for hospital waste treatment. All of them can reduce the burden of the students and society or the tuition fee.’ Kasiyarno emphasized.

 ‘In opening a business, UAD commits to run the business for the business sake but also for knowledge development.’ Said Vice Rector II of Asset Management Dr. Muhammad Safar, M.Sc.

‘Every business unit we found is related to knowledge. In short we develop economic sector with knowledge bases. Not only do the units function as source of university budget but also a place of real laboratory for the students.’ Said Safar.

The UAD gas station is run by P.T. Adi Multi Energi owned by the university. The cost of the construction was Rp. 11.77 billion provided by UAD. ‘Thing, which makes us proud, is the title ‘Pasti Prima’ which means having met the highest standard, above ‘Pasti Pas’ title. This title is firstly achieved in Yogyakarta and Central Java region.’ said Safar.

‘I hope the station will run well. All services to the customers are done honestly and satisfactorily. The consumers’ trust is the most important. With the presence of this unit, the students of UAD will get ease to access for their researches. Should the unit be beneficial for the students’ development.’ Kasiyarno expects.