UAD Organizes Macapatan

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), in collaboration with Balai Bahasa Yogyakarta (BBY), held macapatan (Javanese verse reading) in the hall of campus 4 UAD on Jln. Ringroad Selatan, Tamanan, Bantul, Yogyakarta on Thursday (10/05/2018). This activity is a routine program of the old literary socialization held by BBY in collaboration with universities and macapatan community in Yogyakarta.

From the description delivered by Drs. Hendro Setyono, S.E., M.Sc., the Chairman of the committee, UAD has joined the macapatan group since 10 years ago. In 2018, UAD has the chance to become the event organizer for the fifth time.

"This activity is to introduce UAD to the community. It is to show that this Muhammadiyah university is concerned about art and culture of Indonesia. UAD nguri-uri (conserves) culture," he said.

In addition, on this occasion the committee collaborated with the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Gending Bahana to be the musical accompaniment using gamelan instruments. Hendro added that this cooperation was in order to provide opportunities for students to improve their skills and to gain experience.

"There used to be macapatan training of lecturers and employees. However, there is only Gending Bahana now. We hope, old literature, especially macapat which is a part of Indonesian culture can be preserved for use not to lose our identity. UAD is ready to support, even if the system is arisan (rotating savings). "

Meanwhile, Dr. Dedi Pramono, M.Hum., the Head of Bureau of Students and Alumni (Bimawa) conveyed that UAD was very open with art and culture.

"We are ready to work together on art and culture. In the future, Bimawa will visit BBY for possible cooperation. Hopefully, this relationship is useful for all parties." (Ard)