The Opening of Entrepreneurship Development Program of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan


The Service of Training for Applied Technology and Entrepreneurship (STATE) is an institution engaged in entrepreneurship with Entrepreneurship Development Program (KDP) as one of its programs. Inkubasi program is a part of KDP covering entrepreneurial competition that is aimed at students or alumni.

The collection of proposals was the first stage before 30 teams were selected. Then, interviews were conducted to further select the teams, resulting in only 20 of them. This would the last stage that would be followed by several other processes, including internships, workshops, training, and others, with a total time of approximately six months.

The KDP opening ceremony which took place in the hall of campus 2 on Saturday (05/12/2018) was attended by Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum., as the Rector of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), Director of Bank BPD DIY, Muhammadiyah Central Institute (LPM), as well as the President Director and the representatives of STATE, namely Drs. Hendro Setyono, S.E., M.Sc., and Hari Hariyadi, S.P., M.Sc.

Kasiyarno conveyed, "It is the era of digital, so we must conduct business digitally."

"If we do not try to keep up with the technology, we will be left behind from those using digital assistance. Nowadays, almost everything is using a digital system, including the system at the bank. Every business must think ahead. Do not be stuck at one point, because there must always be innovation," said the Director of Bank BPD DIY.

Syukran Anas became one of the students who passed in the Inkubasi selection of entrepreneurial program, "Alhamdulillah, I can get the opportunity to do business with formal guidance coaches accompanied by experts so as to do entrepreneurship well." (Sch).