IMM TDI UAD Carried Out A Comparative Study At IMM FAI UMP


            In order to improve the quality of work program, any organization or institution needs to make a comparative study to another organization or institution. For that reason Association of Muhammadiyah Student of Islamic Education and Teacher Training University of Ahmad Dahlan (IMM TDI UAD) Yogyakarta carried out the activity at the same association at Faculty of Islamic Affairs University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (IMM FAI UMP).

After making a survey on Monday (15/05/2016) the activity was carried out successfully on Saturday – Monday (21-22/05/2016).

A number of 17 commissariat chiefs of IMM TDI UAD participated in the activity. Not only were the programs and activities of both organizations compared but also the feeling of brotherhood was established firmly. Getting together and sharing of experiences of running the organization proved the facts.

Wahyu Lenggono, as the chief of IMM FAI UMP said that he was proud of being the host for the brotherhood visit, silaturahmi, of IMM TDI UAD and the sharing of work program.

‘I am very pleased to receive the delegates of IMM TDI UAD, which we know that its base camp is Yogyakarta, the city where Muhammadiyah was founded by K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. I am sure the organization has much developed,’ he said.

From the activity, both IMM organizations hope that they develop insights for their better work programs for consideration of further board of chiefs.

‘We hope through activity we can make all of effort to realize civilized community for Muhammadiyah and for all,’ said Ahsanul Fikri as the Senior Chief of PK IMM TDI UAD. (AKN)