Improving Yogyakarta’s Private Universities

The Association of Indonesian Private Universities (APTISI) chapter Yogyakarta has done some efforts to improve the private universities (PTS) in the region.

‘The quality of all PTS at Yogyakarts Special Province (DIY) is improving.  But the degree of progress varies and becomes a concern for APTISI for the progress will not the subject of discrimination,’ said the chairman of APTISI chapter Yogyakarta Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum. at Campus I University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) last Tuesday (26-04-2016)

One of the efforts to further develop PTS is done by making a shared web-site address. According to the chairman APTISI is making a special web-site address containing any information of the 106 PTS at the region

‘The first step,’ said the chairman, who is also rector of UAD ‘is to develop synergy among PTS especially between the big and the small in providing learning facilities or sources due to their different conditions.

Furthermore, APTISI is collaborating with the regional government through its Regional Working Units (SKPD), which provide the fund and PTS provide the program to develop the region.

‘The program is expected to improve the quality of PTS especially for those PTS which are not institutionally accredited. Among the PTS more that 50% are not institutionally accredited. Only 27 PTS out of 106 are institutionally accredited. There are many problems related to this especially related to hman resources,’ he said.

Furthermore, Kasiyarno said among 106 private universities only 2 PTS are institutionally accredited A, 10 of them accredited B and 15 PTS are accredited C. The rests are still being supervised and are not yet accredited.