Industrial Engineering Study Program UAD Introduced Working World through Alumni

The Working World is often a nightmare for the final semester students of under graduate program. Those included the students of Industrial Engineering students of Ahmad Dahlan University (TI-UAD). This condition was responded by TI Study Program by carrying out a Stadium General for TI students.

The Stadium General with the theme “Opening Insight of Industrial Engineering Students” was carried out in the Auditorium D Campus 3 UAD. Endah, the person in charge of the Stadium General said that this event was aimed to provide an overview of the working world to the students. In addition, the committee invited alumni who were successful in their fields as speakers in order to create close relationships between students and alumni.

"On this occasion, we invite Juniriko Son S.T., an alumnus of TI Study Program of 2005 who works at PT Pertamina Persero. Rico presence proves that IT-UAD graduates not only can work in a factory, but could also work in any field, "said Endah on Saturday (07/01/2017).

Meanwhile, Rico revealed that graduates of private universities is not a reason to not be working at PT Pertamina Persero.

"In my office, most of the employees come from famous universities. But since I often read English literature, I can adapt to them. Of course, with the same salary as well, "he said.

He added that actually, IT graduates who work at PT Pertamina were linear, because they also got basic chemistry subject at the beginning of the semester.

"I learned English after graduating S1 so it was too late. For my friends who taking S1 should start to read English literatures because it was very valuable, "said Rico, after his presentation.