KAUMAN: Kuliah Umum Kemuhammadiyahan (Public Lectures of Muhammadiyah)

Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) of Student Executive Board (BEM) of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) held Public Lecture Kemuhammadiyahan (KAUMAN) on Monday, December 25, 2017. Located at the auditorium of Campus 1 UAD on Jalan Kapas, the event raise the theme of  "Muhammadiyah's Role in Building the Character and Identity of Indonesia". Guided by Rio Pamungkas, S.Pd., an alumnus of Indonesian Language and Literature Education (PBSI) study program and a former UAD Student President, this public lecture presented Ustadz Drs. H. Anhar Anshori, M.Si., Ph.D as the speaker.

               Attended by 200 students, the public lecture began with the reading of kalam ilahi and was continued by singing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya, Mars song of Muhammadiyah, and Mars song of UAD. Ade Khrisna Ardyatama, in his speech as the chairman of the committee expressed his gratitude for the event which was well-executed. He also advised the participants to follow the public lecture well, to absorb the knowledge given, and not to hesitate to ask.

               "The purpose of this event is to know more deeply about what Muhammadiyah is like and what kind of Muhammadiyah movement exists among students. It is because we certainly realize that many students who are studying at UAD, unfortunately, do not know what Muhammadiyah is, let alone try to explore it. For that reason, we are from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of BEM, organizes this event to further educate students about Muhammadiyah, "said M. Faqihudin as the Minister of Religious Affairs, BEM UAD. (dev)