Kenang Karya Pena Book Review

Containing 94 poems, the anthology of Kenang Karya Pena was released on December 18th, 2017. This anthology was written by Class C Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (Prodi PBSI) students of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) of the academic year of 2016/2017. Published by Jejak Pustaka Publisher, the poems contained in this anthology are dominated by poems with themes of love, longing, and friendship. However, there are also poems with themes of locality, culture, and politics.

Anang Dwi Cahyono, through his poem entitled "Timur Menanti Keadilan" criticized Indonesia's uneven development. He uses the word "internet" as a symbol of luxury, convenience, and prosperity that cannot be found in some parts in Indonesia. The depiction of poverty is seen in the following verses: Kurangkul bahunya (I embrace his shoulder)/Yang berisi tulang-tulang (which is only bones)/Diselimuti kulit (covered in skin)/Sedikit daging (with a bit of flesh)/.

In addition, Leni Gezi also refused to follow the common themes of romance and longing that are chosen by his friends. Through his poem, which is entitled "Dari Titik Nol", he criticized the changing face of the city of Yogyakarta which is now filled with tall buildings and is jammed with vehicles. With the following lines / Ini kota sekarang punya siapa? (Belong to whom does this city now?) / Di tanah yang seharusnya penuh budaya (In a land that should be cultural)/, he criticized the change of the city of Yogyakarta.

Kenang Karya Pena was created as the final task of the subject of Poetry Appreciation with Rina Ratih S., M.A. as the lecturer. (dev)