Learn How to Maintain Memory Capacity

Last Saturday (16/12/2017), Bimalukar Literature Community (KSB) Wonosobo held Book Discussion (BB) #16. The event is a routine done by KSB, which is held once a month. However, the BB this time was not like the previous book discussions. Sule Subaweh, a writer who was born in Madura, was present in the event along with Rakai Lukman, a writer from Gresik, East Java.
BB #16 event which took place at Mandala Tourism Gate, Wonosobo (Mendolo Station Complex) was actually included in the series of events organized by KSB. The activity was fully supported by Wonosobo Tourism Department. The theme for BB #16 was "Publishing". This was in line with the main theme of Wonosobo's Creative Economy Week, because book publication was one of the economic products.
In BB #16, both Sule and Lukman became the first writers who published their solo book. With a title of Bedak dalam Pasir, Sule wrote short stories, while Lukman wrote his poems in a book entitled Banjir Bantaran Bengawan.
"The event that was attended by students from Wonosobo became one of the benchmarks that local literature is experiencing a dynamic," said Ardy Suryantoko as the chairman of KSB.
The nearly three-hour activity covered a lot of things, but there was one point that really mattered which was about creative process.
"Writing is one way to take care of our memory," Lukman said in the discussion. In line with this idea, Sule added, "The writing process will make us human beings who will not easily forget about things."
Everyone can write, but not everyone can be istiqomah. Yet, this is exactly how someone can keep developing and continue to grow, by doing something diligently.
Lukman added, "Writing is not enough, a more important thing to do than writing is doing research and/or reading."
"The best nutrition intake for a writer comes from reading books," Sule said during the discussion.
Sule and Lukman’s presence along with their books, Bedak dalam Pasir and Banjir Bantaran Bengawan, at the very least, had become a precious contribution to the development of our local books. At the end of the event, Sule and Lukman both advised that the life and continuity of local literature was in the hands of the local youth. Therefore, BB #16 which was organized by KSB and Wonosobo Tourism Department was at least able to give insight that book publishing could also become a part of the economic market. (ards)