Menu Iftar at Masjid Islamic Center UAD

For 30 days, the fasting month takmir the mosque of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) developed a complete menu iftar. Starting from nasi padang, sate, opor ayam hingga rica-rica entok scheduled tidy collaborate with refreshing beverages such as fruit ice, ice Oyen, kolak and others.

For those of you who are interested in the menu that are served directly comes just before the time to break in the complex Islamic Centre, University of Ahmad Dahlan, Ring Road South, Banguntapan, Bantul. In addition to fasting together every day, Masjid Ahmad Dahlan also held obligatory prayers and Tarawih in congregation as well as other interesting Islamic studies.

Intrigued by the schedule break the fast with a full menu Masjid Ahmad Dahlan, the following details.