Parents’ Role in Education


Children get their first education at home. Their characters and behaviors are determined by their first learning from the family. Therefore, the family especially parents play a significant role in children’s mental building.

A weekly Islamic sermon called ‘Kajian Ahad Pagi’ or Sunday morning lesson is held at University of Ahmad Dahlan’s Islamic Center, South Ringroad, Banguntapan, Bantul starting from 05.45 – 07.00. Last Sunday (13/3/2016) some 300 participants took part in the program while Dr. Khoiruddin Bashori was giving the speech.

He said that parents conduct two significant tasks as their children’s first educator. Those are giving warmth protection and controlling their behaviors. Parents should be able to undertake those responsibilities for the essence of education involves consoling children and getting themselves controlled by stimulating their feelings.

Khoiruddin said, ‘Parents should not only coddle their children by giving whatever they want but also give them opportunity to strife without forgetting self-control.”

There are four categories in children education. First, authoritative. This means that parents give guidance to their children on condition that control is as good as giving kindness to them. This category could build children’s confidence, excitement and courage in making decision.

 Second, authoritarian. Parents guide their children by prioritizing control over warmth. This result in difficulties children’s making decision and becoming autonomous.

‘Be aware if children often ask questions or insist your approvals on many things because it means that they often become depended on parents.’ Khoiruddin added.

Third, in floor. This kind of education is a big problem in parents’ education to children. In this category, children feel ignored and unappreciated. It is caused by the parents’ unwarm relation and lose control. 

Forth, endarson. In this case, parents are too much in giving warmth and control to children that make them spoiled and impulsive. 

In conclusion, parents should be careful in giving instructions to children because their instructions determine their children’s future. Parents should know good ways of educating children so that they will not regret in the future.” (AKN)