Post Graduate Program Passed 32 Cum Laude, 2 of Them with GPA 4,00

The University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) graduation of August 20th 2016 witnessed 133 master graduates of which 32 of them were cum laude. It is reported that 2 of them from Pharmacy Post Graduate Program achieved 4.00 GPA. The program passed 21 graduates 9 of them were cum laude.

Meanwhile, Magister Program of Physics Education passed 14 students with one cum laude. Magister Program of English Education passed 28 graduates with 20 students cum laude. Next, Magister Program of Educational Management passed 9 graduates one of them was cum laude. Magister Program of Phycology Science passed 56 graduates one of them cum laude, and the last Magister Program of Profession in Psychology passed 5 graduates.

The whole graduation program was held at Jogja Expo Center (JEC) last Saturday (20/08/2016). The  university graduated 1.057 graduates. ‘Actually the number of gradiuates was 1051 and 6 of them were graduates from the previous period.’ said Ridwan a staff of Admission and academic Bureau of UAD.