Regular Study at UAD


A regular study was held last Thursday (19/05/2016) at Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, Islamic Center Complex, University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) on South Ringroad, Banguntapan, bantul, Yogyakarta. More than 100 participants attended the event, which was sponsored by Islamic Study Development Board (LPSI) and Association of Muhammadiyah University Students (IMM).

After the betterment of Al – Qur’an recital Ustadz or teacher Rachmadi, a UAD lecturer presented the material on Manhaj Tarjih Muhammadiyah or Muhammadiyah’s Islamic Law curriculum.

People know that Muhammadiyah is an Islamic social and community organization in Indonesia, which tries to understand the situation and condition in the community. Moreover, it tries to solve contemporary Islamic problems.

By so doing, Muhammadiyah has a special body i.e. Majlis Tarjih or the consultative reform body. This body deals with Islamic laws. The laws can be classified as halal, makruh, mu’bah, and haram or obligatory, optional, prevented, and forbidden respectively.

In deciding the law for a certain case, Muhammadiyah uses mahnaj tarjih a method to decide the law for the case in community.

‘Nowadays, Islamic world is shocked with new problems. Because of that a muslim should be alert. Muhammadiyah always tries to investigate the problems on the basis of Al – Qur’an and As – Sunnah,’ Rahmadi added (AKN)