Religious Meeting in Poem

‘In a poem, one can feel a religious meeting. Such religious meeting can be found in the works of Hamzah Fansuri, Hamka, Amir Hamzah, Chairil Anwar, A.A. Navis, Kuntowijoyo, Sutarji Coulzum Bachri, Danarto, and Abdul Hadi W.M.’ said Shohifur Ridho Ilahi in a Literature Appreciation Forum (FAS) #59 with the theme Literature in Al-Qur’an last Wednesday (15/06/2016)

‘During 1980s to 1990s writers in Yogyakarta wrote literary works with religious spirits especially Sufism themes involving the new comer writers from UIN (Islamic University) Sunan Kalijaga. One can refer to the book Oposisi Sastra Sufi or Sufism Literary Opposition (2004) written by Aprinus Salam,’ he said.

As a person with poetic talent, Ridho argues that Chairil Anwar’s poem Doa or prayer is a good example of the religious meeting between religion and literature. The two entities amalgamates.

            ‘That is the poet’s, Chairil Anwar, religious culmination as he prays with no regret but appreciation of his love to God with no comparison and cause. Let the breathtakingly beautiful poem closes the discussion in the literature congress. May Allah forgive us,’ he said.




dalam termangu

aku masih menyebut namamu

biar susah sungguh

mengingat Kau penuh seluruh

cayaMu panas suci

tinggal kerdip lilin di kelam sunyi


Aku hilang bentuk



aku mengembara di negeri asing


di pintuMu aku mengetuk

aku tak bisa berpaling

My Lord

in facillation

I still call your name

though difficult it is

recalling You entire all

Your light’s hot sacred

the still lighting kindle in silent darkness

My Lord

I dilute


My Lord

I am stranded in a strange land

My Lord

at Your door should I knock

I can never turn off