“Sahabat Dakwah” community of UAD Carried Out Charity Social Event

best regard for friends and propagation. By sharing, life would be beneficial


That is the motto of “Sahabat Dakwah”, one of communities in student Executive Board (BEM) of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD). This community carried out social event of charity on Saturday (30/4/2016) at Mustika Tama orphan and foster home in Bantul, Yogyakarta special province.

This was a regular event of “Sahabat Dakwah” community. The fund for this event was from the program of “Infaq Sahabat”, the program of propagation fundraising using money box (celengan) to gather fund from all family member of UAD by take turn through “One Day, One Coin” scheme. With this scheme, all UAD students have an opportunity to share with others.

In this event, at 10.00-14.00 local time, there were 20 students participating in giving donation in the form of baby equipments such as food, diapers, and baby clothes.

In this event, the participants got a chance to share stories, pray in congregation, eat together with orphanage residents, and care for some toddlers.

“we will never know the scenario of life.  Live it by giving the best to others cause your secretion is the tears of your hard work. So, don’t waste your opportunity to do that”. Said Umi Latifah, the second semester student of primary teacher education (PGSD) study program of UAD. (AKN)