Spiritual Reflection for Mid-Term Exam

As the mid-term exam for 2016-2017 odd semester (UTS) approaches, Association of Muhammadiyah University Students (IMM) Region I University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) held an introspection study with the theme ‘Effective Learning Methods at University’.

Mizone Study (Science Board Zone I) as it was named was held at Darussalam Mosque Campus I UAD on Semaki Street Umbulharjo Yogyakarta last Friday (21/10/2016). The speaker was Ustadz Arif Rif’an.

‘We purposely chose ‘Effective Learning Methods at University’ as the theme to motivate the students for the exam.’ said Zulaiha Intan Luthfiafriza, chief of proselytizer and Inslamic Studies (TKK) IMM Department of Education and Islamic Studies.         

Nisa also said that the program was meant to broaden the students’ spiritual perspectives. Different students from different faculties at UAD attended the program, which lasted from 15.30 to 17.00 local time. (AKN)