The Achievement of BK UAD: Internationally Reputed

At its 32th Anniversary Guidance and Counseling Study Program of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training University of Ahmad Dahlan (BK FKIP UAD) has secured a number of achievements

Dody Hartanto, S.Pd., M.Pd. said that not only the  lecturers and the students but also the alumni have made great achievements. Now, the alumni work on Java Island as well as on other islands such as on Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, Sulawesi, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara Islands.

‘They have proved good educational process at the department. Even some of them work abroad, one of them in Japan,’ he said as he was giving a speech at the ceremony of the anniversary. Among the programs in the anniversary was Family Gathering held at hall of Campus II last Sunday (08/05/2016)

Furthermore, he said that the department was not only nationally recognized but also internationally. A number of international achievements during 2015 up to 2016 are as the followings: getting two grants of 2013 revitalization improvement and grant of 2014 curriculum development; fulfilling the number of human resource as required by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristek Dikti); making cooperation with National Coordinating Board of Family Planning (BKKBN) and other institutions having the same vision, mission, and program orientation; getting grants of research and social service programs at international level in Malaysia, Thailand, and Hungary; and the student Olympiad National Champion for two years successively.

Drs. Hendro Setyono, SE., M.Sc. in his speech said that the students’ achievement of Guidance and Counseling Department significantly improves every year. Almost in every big event at local and national levels, the students’ achievement is among the big three. Besides that, the student organization offers positive and innovative programs. It is expected that in its 32th anniversary both students and alumni keep their academic as well as competences.

The anniversary event was marked by healthy strolling followed by a thousand participants. The department also held an exhibition of students’ entrepreneurship. They sold handicrafts, clothes, and food at the event. The event was conducted by a popular Master of Ceremony Alit-alit Cabang Bayi and it ended with the performance of Kamaratih Band.