The Achievement of Students of Accountancy Department, Faculty of Economics UAD Lead Them To Follow SUT International Camp 2016


Two students of Accountancy Department, Faculty of Economics University of Ahmad Dahlan (FE UAD), Rachmat Bagus W and Raja Yulianita Sarazwati left for Thailand  representing their institution to follow SUT International Camp 2016  held at Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) Thailand.

The activity covers two sessions i.e. The 3rd International ASEAN Culture Camp: ISAAN Culture Camp and The 2nd International Martial-Arts and Culture Camp: Muay Thai Camp.

‘It is the achievement that leads them to join in the programs. They are students with good achievement at faculty level last year. Rachmat and Raja are the first and second champions at FE UAD in 2015 student achievement championship, said Rikha Muftia Khoirunisa, SE., M.Sc. public relation of FE.

Rachmat got the chance to join in Muay Thai camp because most of the agenda in the camp were martial arts. The material presented were Muay Thai rituals, defense attack techniques, waikru ceremony, and group presentation for everything learned in the camp. Moreover the camp exhibited Pimai Histrical Park and Suranaree Army Camp.

Meanwhile, Raja attended ISAAN Culture Camp. The agenda include conferences, lectures, recreational games, voluntary activities, ASEAN cultural exchange, Thai arts and culture study, and field trips. ISAAN culture camp is carried out to improve awareness of ASEAN community and to give a chance for knowledge, culture exchange and improve brotherhood in every activity.

The event takes place from 19-25/06/2016 and will be closed by a farewell party at the end. UAD team will present a collaboration dance entitled The Beauty of Equator. The dance is a medley of all sorts of Indonesian dance.

‘The International Camp is followed by some countries in ASEAN, so that it becomes a challenge for the members to adapt with the neighboring countries in culture. Moreover, it is a medium to build international relation  among them,’ said Ida Puspita, M.A. Res as chief of International relation office (KUI).