The Actions of UAD Alumni Volunteers in Lombok

Besides active students of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), alumni of UAD also volunteer for the earthquake in NTB. In addition to their own initiation, these alumni work together with established organizations. One of them is Dzun Haryadi Ittiqo.

Dzun, along with Pharmacy alumni of UAD in NTB, volunteer as a part of the medical team for medicine section. They work with local doctors.

"We traveled to the evacuation site to provide logistics. Logistics that we provide are in the forms of nine basic necessities, so that the people are willing to get treatment. We do this because the people are afraid of treatment. Many people are shy and afraid of being injected. They are also afraid to be demanded to pay, even though it is free," explained Dzun, the Chairperson of West Nusa Tenggara Pharmacy Kamada when interviewed on Sunday (7/9/2018).

The D3 Pharmacy lecturer from Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram (UMMat) admitted that there were many kinds of diseases found there, including skin diseases, respiratory infections (Ispa), cold and cough, but the most common one was hypertension syndrome. This was because of the shock they got from the earthquake, so that their tension rose.

Dzun explained that there were around 200 Pharmacy alumni in NTB who joined Kamada. "Our routine activities are alumni meetings, seminars, social actions such as for natural disasters, or things that have something to do with pharmaceutical field," he said.