The Cooperation between The Board of Islamic Study Development (LPSI) and The Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in Awakening Islamic Movement


University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) has again booked its new record to make a program to enhance Islamic reform of culture. Together with its organizations, LPSI and IMM, UAD held a new agenda of talk show entitled ‘Islamic Study and Breaking The Fast’

Thursday (07/03/2016) saw the first session of the agenda inaugurated by Thonthowi S.Ag., M.Hum as the chief of LPSI. The event was held at Hall of Islamic Center Campus IV UAD, Banguantapan Bantul from 16.30-18.00 local time.

In the weekly-planned program the committee invited Fathurrahman Kamal, Lc. as a presenter. In this occasion he discussed ‘Muslim Intellectual’ which was attended by as many as 100 participants from various academician at UAd as well as from public.

In his opening speech Sucipto,M.Pd.B.I. said,’The program is aimed to get the great movement declared by UAD started.’

He added, ’By the new program, the students and academician at UAD can be agents of change for muslim society especially IMM and organizations under Muhammadiyah. (AKN)