Two UAD Musical Poems Were Much Appreciated at UGM

Two University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) musical poems got awards an event in Gadjah Mada Uiversity (UGM). Those poems, getting the awards were Jejak Imaji and Al-Fine, which became first and third champions respectively.

‘This surely is a good news for Al-Fine, for this is the first appearance, and astonishingly, we get good luck in the 2016 UGM musical literary festival,’ said Mirza one of the vocalist his her Facebook.

‘Al-Fine’ is the name of the group founded on May 10th 2016. The members are Fahmi Hidayat, Christa Bella, Ayub Maulana, and Mirza.

Being different from Jejak Imaji, the group, which concerns on writing matters (especially poems, short story, and cultural essay) actually wants to establish itself in understanding poems through participating in the contest considering the group has gained two champions at UGM literature festival 2015.

According to Srdi Suryantoko as the manager of Jejak Imaji a musical poem is a form of learning and understanding poem presented on stage.

Being different from the previous appearance, Jejak Imaji did not involve its seniors. The members taking part in the event were new comers. They were Bangun Pratomo, Aditya Dwi Yoga, Ardi Priyantoko, Pandu, and Adeng and the arranger was Sule Subaweh.