UAD Anniversary as a Student Talent Hunting Event

"Students who won the Amazing Orange 2017 competition must continue to develop their abilities," said Heru Astar, the Head of the Student Council (BEM) for the period of 2017/2018 in his opening speech at the closing ceremony of the 57th Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) anniversary.

This competition which was organized by the Student Council had a goal to find talented UAD students. In addition, the winners would be given facilities to improve their ability to make achievements at regional, national, and international level events.

The closing ceremony which was held in the green hall of Campus 4 on Friday (22/12/2017) was attended by Vice Rector 3, Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T., the Head of Student Affairs department and an alumnus of Bimawa, Drs. Hendro Setyono, S.E., M.Sc., BEM representatives from DIY, UAD students, and surrounding communities. Dhyo Haw and Jikustik were invited as the guest stars.

Meanwhile, Abdul Fadlil expressed his appreciation for the performance of the student council which is always increasing every year. "The anniversary events are meant to explore the potential of the students in various fields as well as to mold new UAD representatives who are able to record new achievements."

He added that UAD is very supportive of the Amazing Orange event. This kind of activity can maintain or even increase UAD achievements. UAD keeps advancing and developing because of the student achievements.

"Through this activity, it is expected that students can be given support to optimally develop their skills in organizational field. Student leadership talent will be properly trained. Therefore, this nation will not be lacking of future leaders," said Fadlil. (ard)