UAD Gave Nine Billion Rupiah of Funding to Build A New Building for UMSB

Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) Yogyakarta took part in helping construction of a new building at Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra (UMSB). This development is a consortium of three Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) including UAD, UM Surakarta, and UM Malang with a total cost of 21 billion rupiah.

This consortium aims to assist UMSB which is the oldest PTM in Indonesia to be more advanced. In terms of development, UMSB is left behind compared to other PTMs. This is the reason why the Central Leadership (PP) of Muhammadiyah has a special interest in forming a consortium for UMSB to grow and become a superior university in West Sumatra.

Drs. Safar Nasir, M.Si., UAD Vice Rector II revealed that UAD was asked by PP Muhammadiyah to help physically, non-physically, and mentor the development of UMSB.

"UAD donated 7 billion rupiah of funding and lent 2 billion as a bailout that has not been able to be withdrawn yet by one PTM," he said during a visit to UMSB on Friday (16/2/2018).

The 21 billion rupiah was used to build a six-story building with 55 rooms. The bulding occupies approximately 5,500 square meters of land. Despite experiencing a delay, the current development process has reached 90 percent of the total development.

On the other hand, the Vice of Daily Coach Board of UMSB, Drs. Adly Etek S., expressed his gratitude to UAD who has given 9 billion rupiah of funding. "The three consortiums agreed to give 7 billion each. However, currently the funding that has been accepted is only 19 billion, so we borrow 2 billion from UAD to pay off the contractor," he explained. (ard)