UAD Graduate Students to Attend 2017 Prodamat Briefing

The Community Empowerment Program (Prodamat) conducted by the Graduate Program of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) Yogyakarta is a means for students to be able to think critically and find the best solution to the problems existing in the society.

Before being sent off, the students were equipped with materials about Prodamat which was delivered by Drs. H. Muchlas Abror, dr. H. Agus Taufiqurrahman, Sp.S., M.Kes., and Dr. Ir. Dwi Sulisworo, M.T. The briefing was held in the auditorium of Campus 3 UAD on Saturday (16/12/017) and was attended by 244 students.

Prodamat is one effort to synchronize general knowledge and science with religion. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mursyidi, M.Sc., Apt., UAD Post Graduate Director stated that Islam must cover all aspects.

“Knowledge and religion are aimed at realizing prosperity, justice and environmental protection, especially about the environment, community, and nature."

This program required graduate students to serve the community in Yogyakarta and around Central Java. During the implementation of the program, the students must show the attitude of an intellectual. This attitude is important as the foundation for scholars and practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge on religion, especially Islam.

Mursyidi stated that this activity aimed to improve the mental and spiritual aspects of the students as agents of change. In addition, students were encouraged to continue to think critically by using their creativity and innovation to provide alternative solutions for existing problems. Solutions to the existing problems are expected to improve the quality of the society. (ard)