UAD Greets the Total Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday, (9/3/2016), the sky will blacken as a total solar eclipse is expected to happen from the morning. To greet this rare occasion, Pastron, University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD)’s astronomer group, forms a group of eclipse observers called Tim Gerhana (TIGER). Lecturers and a group of students of Physics Education named itself ANDROMEDA are involved.

‘It UAD’s pride to be one of institutions involving in the National Team for 2016 total eclipse under the supervision of LAPAN, the National Aviation and Outer Space Board.’ Said Yudhiakto, Ph.D in his press release.

 Furthermore, Yudi, who is a lecturer at Physics Education and chief of Astronomy Study, added that the group, TIGER UAD consists of two smaller teams named Ternate Team and Yogyakarta Team. The former is expected to leave Yogyakarta (6/3/2016) for Ternate, North Moluccas, where the total eclipse happens (9/3/2016). This team will alert people about the total solar eclipse, observe it, carry out a research about it and discuss it. Whereas the latter will also do the same thing for partial eclipse involving local community of Yogyakarta (9/3/2016).

Recently, TIGER has prepared for observing the eclipse at the observatory at campus IV named OKE UAD. For information Yogyakarta city (110° 20’ east latitude 7° 46’ south altitude) will see partial solar eclipse from 06.20.32 a.m. peak 07.23.30 and ends at 08.35.16 Western Indonesian Time

‘TIGER UAD also joins in Tarjih and Tajdid National Muhammadiyah Boards for the same purpose’ Yudi said.