UAD Held Great Proselytizing To Welcome Ramadhan


People all over the world have sensed good fragrant of the fasting month Ramadhan. To welcome the month full of prosperity, blessings, and forgiveness. University ofAhmad dahlan (UAD) with its Board of University Student Executives (BEM-U) held ‘Great Proselytizing to Welcome the Sacred Month of Ramadhan.’

The event with the theme, ‘Be clean, Make Up Our Motives to Welcome The Sacred Month of Ramadhan,’ was attended by thousands of UAD students and public.

 Ustadz Rudjito and Dr. H. agus Taufiqurrahan, S.Ps.,M.Kes were speakers in the proselyterizing held last Tuesday (24/05/2016) from 19.30 to 21.30 Local time.

The event was also attended by chiefs of UAD. The event took the venue at  Ahmad Dahlan Mosque in Islamic Center Complex UAD on South Ring Road , Bantul.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Faiz, Vice President of UAD Student Body said in his speech, This Great Proselytizing is a medium to consolidate Student Bodies (BEM) of faculties at UAD. We hope the successive events will be more of greater advantage.’

Faiz added that those who were present at the event will sacrifice for good deeds and for their future.

‘We can do our best to be blessed at the beautiful night of Ramadhan Lailatul Qadat and Nuzulul Qur’an,’ said Abdul Fadlil, M.T. Vice Rector III of UAD said.

Fadlil suggested the audience improve themselves physically and spiritually from now on. ‘May Allah give us chances to carry out prayers during Ramadhan well so that we will be sacred man.’ (AKN)